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Private Medical Insurance From the PHC

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1. What medical insurers do you compare?

We compare policies from over 15 providers including BUPA, AXA PPP, AVIVA, Pruhealth, WPA, Health-on-line and SimplyHealth to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.

2. Do you charge for your services?

No, our service to you is completely free of charge.

3. What is a 'no claims discount'?

Some insurers may offer a lower premium for clients who have not recently claimed.

4. Is there a lot of paperwork involved in signing up/switching providers?

Not for you. We take your details and complete the rest of the process on your behalf, keeping you informed along the way.

5. Can I add other members of my family to my insurance plan?

Yes, of course. These details will be discussed when determining your cover.

6. What happens when my cover needs renewing?

Each year one of our specialist advisers will contact you when your policy is due for renewal. We can offer a straight renewal or review the market, again finding the best options for you at that particular time.

7. What details of my health will I need to provide to get private medical insurance?

In order to seek the most appropriate cover for you, for the lowest cost, our advisors will need to obtain your age and any pre-existing and past medical conditions.

8. Will my age be an issue when switching provider?

Your age won't affect your ability to switch provider, however it is likely to affect the cost of your premium.

9. Will my pre-existing medical conditions be covered?

Most insurers will not normally cover a pre-existing condition for a set period of time- possibly two to five years. However, if you have a policy in place at present then we can look at the 'CPME' terms (continuation of personal medical exclusions). This would then continue to cover conditions currently covered by the present insurer.

10. How do I make a claim?

Claims are handled only by your insurer. However, we'd be more than happy to help you find the right people to contact.

11. Do you handle group or company schemes?

Absolutely, we have specialist advisors who will offer a full market review on group as well as individual policies and will explain the benefits of each.

12. Do I need to arrange a meeting?

As we deal with clients both throughout the UK and worldwide, it is not always practical to arrange a face to face appointment. However, most of the time, we are able to deal with any queries over the phone and via email.

13. What if I change my mind?

You have a 14 day 'cooling off' period, within which you can cancel the policy if you change your mind. This starts from either the planned start date of the policy or the date you receive your documents, whichever is latest.

14. What's the difference between moratorium and full underwriting?

With a moratorium underwriting the insurer isn't likely to initially cover you for conditions you've been affected by the past few years; the duration depends on the insurer.Full medical underwriting requires details of your medical history. With your consent, the insurer may write to your doctor if they require further information.

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