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Blog > New data has found a startling rise in the number of new diabetes cases

UK Diabetes Cases Rise 65% in 10 years

UK Diabetes cases have increased

The patient data showed 2 million recorded cases of diabetes in Britain in 2004/5, compared to almost 3.5 million in 2014/5.

Despite there being no breakdown to differentiate between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, data shows that around 90% of cases are Type 2, which is equal to 3.1 million. Furthermore, Type 2 diabetes could be linked to unhealthy lifestyles and obesity.

Diabetes often leads of the build-up of fatty deposits in coronary arteries, blocking the hearts supply of oxygen-rich blood. This can lead to heart disease and the increasing risk of heart attack or stroke.

Chief executive of Diabetes UK, Chris Askew, said, "The number of people with diabetes is rising at an alarming rate and every year there are more than 20,000 people who die tragically young as a result of the condition.

"Diabetes remains one of the biggest health challenges of our time. We must protect the health of the nation by taking urgent steps to get to grips with it or we will continue to see more and more people dying before their time."

To mark World Diabetes Day, which is held on the 14th November every year, The British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Tesco have announced they plan to give more than £3 million in funding for researching new ways of treating blood vessel damage that could be linked to diabetes.

Doctor Richard Cubbon of The British Heart Foundation said, "We are currently unable to reverse blood vessel damage caused by diabetes. We're studying a protein which could be involved in blood vessel repair, which could lead to new drugs that help prevent the deadly heart attacks and strokes associated with diabetes."

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