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The Private Healthcare Company continues to Grow.

The Private Healthcare Company has undergone some vast changes recently and shows no signs of slowing down. We have moved to a spacious new office in the centre of Cheltenham, had a new website created (making it easier for our clients to explore their best options), and have expanded the marketing department to explore new routes to market.

While we have looked at changing the way we operate, what we deliver remains very much the same. We are an impartial healthcare intermediary that thrives on offering clients their very best private medical insurance options.

  • For customers with no insurance in place, our mission is to find the best level of cover at any given budget.
  • And, for current policy holders, we embrace (and regularly succeed in) the challenge of finding you a policy, maintaining or bettering the level of cover, at a much better rate.

We are still an independent intermediary and pride ourselves on offering impartial advice on the client's best options. However, we do have great relationships with the providers, and that's how we are able to acquire the best cover at the lowest rates for our clients. The providers offer us these exclusive policies as we make the process easy for both them and the customer.

Our vision is to simplify the complex world of Private Medical Insurance for our customers. We don't see the sense in making such an important decision without expert support.

Our free help is here for you.

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