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Technology in Healthcare

I think technology is getting a bit of a bad name for itself. It seems only the negative effects of technology are highlighted in the media and breakthroughs or developments are pushed to the back behind the latest hacking scandal or tech giant outrage.

Technology is obviously an enormous influence on the medical and health related industries. New innovations and equipment mean we can receive the fantastic and crucial treatments that we would never have had access to before. Technology is always finding ways to transform health care. But consumer technology hasn't really taken off... Yet.

According to Bupa, in 10 years time sophisticated mobile technology will transform the medical world, making it easier to monitor our own health. This will allow us to spot irregularities and very early symptoms of illness, potentially improving the timeliness of critical treatment. With social media raising awareness of the latest threats to our health, a better understanding of various diseases supported by technological innovations can have an enormous positive impact on the industry as a whole.

Technology in Healthcare

A whole range of remarkable inventions are being developed and there are some curious products that will definitely fascinate. Google, for example are developing "smart" contact lenses, which monitor glucose levels in tears. The product now in the planning stages is exciting some who believe the smart-healthcare future will be sooner than we think. Among other creations being developed there is the shirt that measures blood sugar levels and the toilet that can tell you when you haven't had enough vitamins.

Although media response have been light-hearted due to the novelty of the ideas, technological developments in self health care could have no bounds. Doctors and professionals could be alerted to your conditions before you even know it yourself. The health care industry as a whole could become more dynamic and efficient.

Recently, smartphone and tablet app developers have turned to the healthcare industry and are providing healthcare tools in the hundreds. Apps are already building some credibility in the smartphone/tablet markets, but who here can wholeheartedly say they have a life changing application on their device. The jog monitor, or calorie diary that gets used irregularly doesn't count.

Once meaningful health apps are developed that are easy to use and solve real problems, health care can benefit from them. If this happens the effects could not only be life-saving but economy saving, According to Price Waterhouse Cooper health apps could save 99 billion euros by 2017.

What do you think? Would you like to see more household items playing a part in your healthcare or do you see these latest developments as gimmicks and fruitless inventions? Let us know.

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