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Comparison Sites - Don't be fooled.

Comparison sites currently have great momentum in a wide range of markets. They are the first point of call for many consumers, top search engine results pages for almost every industry they are involved in, and have quirky television adverts that confuse but stick with us!

As a result, we trust them - They must be giving the best service, mustn't they? They wouldn't be doing so well otherwise. It's so simple, the websites are so sophisticated and quick and they save a lot of time shopping around.

This approach can be treacherous. Price comparison sites should not be seen as the be all and end all. They cannot trawl the whole market as many believe they do. Sure, they're a great place to start your purchase process. But don't forget, shopping around and putting in the work can (and usually does) represent large savings, especially when it comes to private medical insurance.

Here's why you should be wary of price comparison websites.

• Many medical insurance providers choose not to be featured on comparison sites.

And not just small firms, top providers; such as Aviva choose not to be included on some sites. Limiting your policy search to comparison sites excludes many top providers who may offer superior cover.

• Comparison sites will make assumptions when generating your results page.

- Those quotes are not unique to you. A policy tailored to your needs will be superior in cost and cover.

- Your estimated quote will be inaccurate - Providing information about your circumstances is vital in providing accurate private medical insurance quotes.

- You could end up purchasing medical insurance that does not cover certain conditions that could be vital!

• Comparison sites usually value cost over quality.

How much private medical insurance costs can form a huge factor in your policy. However, quality and suitability should be regarded equally.

Searching for medical insurance quotes requires a little bit of time and effort. Explore all avenues; speak to specialists, your GP, and brokers to find the best deal that's right for you. The convolutions of each healthcare plan mean careful consideration into the insurer and the insurance itself must be applied. There are many alternatives and all must be explored when deciding on a policy, specialist healthcare companies find and highlight these, and should be considered a valuable resource when selecting a policy.

A quick scan of a single price comparison site will not provide you with your best option. Once you've done your research properly and have found a great policy, take a look at that first comparison site again and see if you've beaten it.

The Private Healthcare Company is a private medical insurance intermediary. Providing impartial and independent recommendations based on our client's situation and requirements, we are committed to finding you the best deal.

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