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Blog > Should I Use a Private Medical Insurance Broker?

Why Should I Use a Broker?

Has anyone else noticed the sudden epidemic of advertising and marketing private medical insurers seem to be practicing lately. Sausage dogs and Jonny Wilkinson are just two things being used to sell health insurance, currently. Don't get me wrong the ads are fantastic - I love a dachshund as much as the next guy. I just think people deciding on which insurer to use should give their decision the respect and consideration it deserves.

Health Insurance Broker

You may not think it but there are many ways of buying your private medical insurance policy. You might see that cute dog on the telly and think; I'll get my insurance from him! You may then go directly to the insurer and purchase your policy right away. You might use a price comparison site to assess "all" of your options. Or you might use a private medical insurance broker

A good healthcare broker will provide an extremely comprehensive, effective and rewarding market appraisal tailored to your situation. In other words brokers will shop around and use their relationships with insurers to secure the best policy available on the market, based on your requirements and situation.

Understanding the products available can be difficult for some, the small distinctions and influences on premium costs can easily be overlooked or misinterpreted. Discussing your options with an agent can be significantly worthwhile. These organisations deal with the insurers and their products on a daily basis; they are updated before anyone else on new terms and new policies available. They are an invaluable resource for those looking to explore their options. 

The complexity of private medical insurance is proven clearly in the small print of each healthcare product. Understanding exactly what is stated is essential as it will explain what you are and are not covered for. These crucial terms and conditions are extremely inaccessible. However, insurance brokers will understand every detail and help you to make informed decisions. Gaining this knowledge will help you to see clearly what you are paying for and ensures you retain control of your healthcare choices. 

Benefits of Using a Broker

- Specialist knowledge and understanding of the market

- Experience of insurer services

- Help deal with claims made on the policy

- Access to products not available directly from the insurer.

- Describe complex matters, helping you to understand your options

- Annual free review to ensure you continue to recieve the best policy available

Which Broker

Once you've decided to use a broker, you should make sure you are using a fully independent organisation. Many intermediaries are actually under ownership of insurers and their purpose is to only sell that particular insurer's products. A fully independent and impartial broker will offer recommendations based on all of the products available in the market. You don't want to limit the offering when there could be much more competitive options with a different insurer.

The Private Healthcare Company is a private medical insurance intermediary. Providing impartial and independent recommendations based on our client's situation and requirements, we are committed to finding you the best deal.

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