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Blog > Just one can of energy drink increases blood pressure and stress hormone levels

Just one can of energy drink could increase blood pressure

Drinking One Energy Drink Could Increase Heart Disease Risk

New research has found that drinking just one energy drink could significantly increase the risk of heart disease in otherwise healthy young adults due to the effects it could have on a person's blood pressure and stress hormones.

The study was conducted by the Mayo clinic and was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The results suggested that drinking 450ml of an energy drink, the equivalent of one can, increases the drinkers blood pressure and stress hormone responses which could in turn increase the likelihood of cardiovascular issues.

In the study, 25 healthy adults with an average age of 29 were involved in a test where they drank an energy drink and a placebo drink within five minutes on two separate occasions. The researchers found that the blood pressure of the participants increased after finishing the energy drink and their stress hormone levels rose by a staggering 74%, compared to only 31% after consuming the placebo.

Dr Anna Svatikova, part of the cardiology department at the Mayo Clinic said, "In previous research, we found that energy drink consumption increased blood pressure in healthy young adults. We now show that the increases in blood pressure are accompanies by increases in norepinephrine, a stress hormone chemical, and this could predispose an increased risk of cardiac events - even in healthy people."

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