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Being cold could help you lose weight

Being Cold Could Help You Lose Weight

The study was conducted using mice, and found that colder temperatures could cause microbial shifts which cause the body to burn fat stores, improve glucose metabolism and reduce body weight. Scientists believe that similar results would be found in overweight or obese people.

Throughout the experiment two sets of mice were exposed to temperatures of 6 degrees Celsius and 22 degrees Celsius for a duration of 10 days. Those that were exposed to colder temperature were observed to go through a major shift in the composition of their gut microbes which prevented them gaining any weight.

Furthermore, the gut bacteria of those mice exposed to colder environments were transplanted into mice experience warmer climates, who then experienced improved glucose metabolism, an increased tolerance to cold temperatures, and a decline in body fat.

Professor Miko Trajkovski, who led the project, told the Western Daily Press, "We provide compelling evidence that gut microbes play a key role in our ability to adapt to the environment by directly regulating our energy balance.

"We are excited about exploring the therapeutic potential of these findings and testing whether targeting some of these microbes could be a promising approach for preventing obesity and related metabolic conditions."

Trajkovski further believes that the microbial shift will assist in promoting the growth of healthy fats including beige and brown fats.

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