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6 Reasons You Need Private Medical Insurance

Many people aren't aware of PMI and what benefits it can provide. We take out insurance policies for our homes, cars and even pets, so why is it that we so often forget about what is, perhaps, the most important of all - our health. Here are the six key advantages of private medical insurance.

Why You Need Private Medical Insurance
  1. PMI can ensure you are covered for specialist treatment and drugs that can't be received through the NHS. On top of that, you can request specialist referrals or second opinions from your GP.
  2. Scans on the NHS are occasionally delayed or simply not allowed. With a medical insurance policy you can get the scans that you want, when you want.
  3. Policy holders get the advantage of shorter waiting times for treatment and consultations, as well as quicker access to physiotherapy sessions.
  4. With PMI, you have a greater choice in the hospital and surgeon you wish to receive treatment from - something that isn't possible on the NHS.
  5. By taking out a private medical insurance policy, you have access to a range of better quality facilities, such as a private room.
  6. There are a wide variety of ways that private medical insurance can be bought. By using an independent and impartial broker, you will receive recommendations based on everything available on the market. This means you will be able to take out a policy that meets your needs, with access to help and specialist knowledge from an agent who truly understands insurer services.

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